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These paintings are all donated to sell at the upcoming on line auction of the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles

Created in 2019 this series was given in honor of Dorothy Simmons McGehee, and Willie Mae Cameron.  Both were strong women interested in helping others in any way they could.

Landscape Memories

Faded colors

Watered by time

Worn and idyllic 


from nature

The southern forests are wet, dense thickets.

The sandbars of the rivers and Gulf are  bleached, spare and spacious.

The streams and ponds are filled with tadpoles, frogs and fish. 

All that beauty penetrated my life as inspiration. It was through eyes filled without distractions.

Now in Southern California my heart sees all the plant life in all these places.  

I am inspired by by the colors of nature, and the way we hold memories.

If you are interested in a painting contact me at  For the most recent paintings follow me on Instagram

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 I  paint remembered organic shapes from my experiences with life in the country, but I am as wild about rain, dirt, sand, and plants, from every place and in every window garden and pot plant.   I paint memories of places I left long ago, and they come back and enchant me as watery impressions, faded and worn.  

I am most interested in feeling as alive as possible and that involves color, smell, taste and enthusiastic emotions. The joy and energy over these experiences spill over and want to be expressed in painting. 

Some paintings are done scraping the paint across the surface. Paint goes on and is scraped off until the painting settles into a discovered relationship. Some paintings are painted while the paper is flooded with water, as though painting in the rain.  Most are painted on paper with FLASHE (a form of acrylic made in France, and is more earthy  and matte ).  After painting on paper all except the largest painting are attached to wood panels.  The largest ones are hung like scrolls

or can be framed.  

Here are some links to interviews and video stories about my life, thoughts and art experiences. Also below on slides are me in locations and times of my nature inspirations.




Commissions are welcomed.  Contact me to discuss your space, size, and color palette.

Rebecca Janes

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Thanks for viewing.  Please contact me if you are Interested.

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