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Rivers, Gardens, and Plants

The southern forests are wet, colorful and dense. The sandbars of the rivers and Gulf are  bleached, spare and spacious. Both have beauty that has penetrated my life and thoughts and are savored as inspiration. It is a pleasure to think of them as they come to me as sensory memory when I paint.



 I intuitively paint organic shapes from my experiences with country life, water, and beaches.

I am  interested in feeling as alive as possible and that involves color, smell, taste and enthusiastic emotions. The joy and energy over these experiences spill over and want to be expressed in painting. 

Scraping the paint across the surface I feel the unity within life. Paint goes on and is scraped off until the painting settles into a discovered relationship. 



Commissions are welcomed.  Contact me to discuss your space, size, and color palette.

Rebecca Janes



Thanks for viewing.  Please contact me if you are Interested.